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List Description
Agents [20140616]
Agresso [no description available]
All-scsm [no description available]
All-wiseevents WISE Network Mailing List [20140616]
All_Current_Graduands All Students due to Graduate this year [A] [20140218]
Archs-staff Archimedes HS Staff [20131104]
ASCC-Group [20140617]
Bbs-academics all academic staff in the Bangor Business School
Bbs-staff all staff in the Bangor Business School
Bilingualism-SS Bilingualism Seminar Series [20150109]
Brainstim Brain Stimulation Group [20140616]
Brainwave Brainwave - EEG and ERP users
BRU-Group BRU Steering Group [20140616]
BRU-Staff Biomedical Research Unit Staff list inc Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Swansea [20140616]
Busnes [no description available]
Cah-staff Staff in College of Arts and Humanities [A]
Cb-staff [no description available]
Cbless-admin CBLESS Adminstrators
Cbless-research-staff [no description available]
Cbless-staff CBLESS Staff
Cbssl-staff staff in the College of Business, Social Sciences and Law
Ccio4 [20140616]
Ch-staff Dept. of Chemistry All Staff
Chacademic [no description available]
Chtech Chemistry Technicians
Cmrpcontacts School Contacts List [20160223]
COHABSschstaff [no description available]
COHABStaff [no description available]
CS-Rugby [20140616]
Cyfarchion-Greetings [no description available]
Cyfarwyddwyr-HAGA [no description available]
Deiniol-estates-alerts Alerts from Deiniol
Deiniol-it-alerts [no description available]
Dev IT Systems Development Discussions
Dlhe-survey Destination Survey [20151127]
Ecdl [no description available]
Ecdladvanced [no description available]
Ecolab [20140616]
Ed-staff [no description available]
Empathicmedia [no description available]
Femurogm [20140617]
Femursmg [20140616]
Fforwm-Drafod [20140616]
Fhhs-staff Fron Heulog HS Staff [20131218]
Gramadeg [20140403]
Graphics computer graphics research at Bangor University [20140616]
H+Sgroup Grwp Iechyd a Diogelwch / Health and Safety Group [20140617]
HEAR_graduands HEAR graduates this year [A]
Hr-staff [no description available]
IPPSmail IPPS conference Email List [20160608]
Itcourses [no description available]
Itservices-staff IT Services Staff [20140430]
Ktp [no description available]
Law-ft-staff Full-time Law School academics and admin staff
Ling-staff [no description available]
Lssadmin [no description available]
Mailman [no description available]
marbio-tech-team MarBio Technical Team [20140616]
MARSS Methods and Research in the Social Sciences [20140617]
Mature-Students [no description available]
ML-Staff BU Modern Languages staff email list
Mpeg Microbial Ecology Pathogen Group [20140616]
Ms-staff Staff in School of Medical Sciences
Mu-staff [no description available]
Nworth Trial Unit within IMSCaR
Pe-staff [no description available]
Pgadmissions [no description available]
Post_graduate_taught_students Post Graduate Taught students [A]
Ps-academic [20140616]
Questions [no description available]
REO Research & Enterprise Office [20140609]
REO-SkillsCentre REO Skills Centre [20140702]
SCIATiC [no description available]
SCIATiCTMG [no description available]
SCIATiCTSC [no description available]
Seecs_computing_lecture [no description available]
Seecs_electronics_lecture [no description available]
Seecs_msc SEECS MSc Students list
Seecs_phd SEECS PhD Students list
Seecs_postdoc SEECS PostDoc Staff list
Seminars-RIO RIO Seminars participants
Senate-Members Members of Senate [20140616]
Signpost Signpost: Journal of Dementia and Mental Health Care of Older People [20140304]
TBG Treborth Botanic Garden
Topcat Topcat fans
Wivc-academics [20140616]
Wivc-mc WIVC Management Committee [20140616]
Wivc-sp WIVC Research Sub Programme Leaders [20140616]

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